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3 Crypto Coin Price Predictions for 2023

Momentum in the meme coin market has returned, thanks to positive macroeconomic factors and the large number of new coins appearing every week.

Some coins, like $WSM have carved a niche for themselves, even before their presale phase is over. Meanwhile other tokens such as $FLOKI and $BONE are trying to pass their previous highs.

This article looks at five well-known meme coins while highlighting what top influencers and analysts are saying about their price prospects.

Wall Street Memes ($WSM)

Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is a meme coin that many in the crypto community believe could debut on the market with an explosive price spike.

Since launching its presale at the end of May, Wall Street Memes has received more than $14.6 million in funding, or the equivalent of around $300,000 raised each day.

The presale is now in Stage 23 of the planned 30 stages, and investors can secure $WSM tokens at a price of $0.0316.

However, the $WSM price will gradually increase between the presale stages, meaning this is the lowest price a potential investor can buy.

The Wall Street Memes community on Telegram is excited, given that the development team has hinted at plans for a CEX Tier-1 listing after the presale ends.

Moreover, YouTube channel Crypto Pulse lists $WSM as one of the top meme coins to invest, even going so far as to say that this coin can be worth 1000x as much.

This prediction has generated further excitement from early investors, hinting that Wall Street Meme could become the next big meme coin success story.

Evil Pepe ($EVILPEPE)

Evil Pepe, the recently launched meme-based token, is now opening a presale for interested investors. This token is a variant of the popular meme character, Pepe the Frog, which was created to capitalize on people's love for memes and the digital world

According to the official website, the Evil Pepe Coin presale is currently underway and offers a token price of 0.000333 USD per token. In this presale, Evil Pepe Coin is targeting sales of 90% of its total supply or around 5,994,000,000 tokens. Meanwhile, another 10% will be locked for 1 month for liquidity.

Not only that, Evil Pepe Coin also provides various kinds of incentives and bonuses for early investors. With huge potential in the world of memes and crypto, Evil Pepe Coin could be an attractive investment. During the presale, more than $900 thousand of funds have been collected, meaning that there is great interest from investors in this one token.

Many analysts predict the price of this token when it reaches listing on the CEX exchange to be quite promising. They believe the coin could significantly surpass its presale price, with some predicting a multifold increase from its initial price. However, keep in mind that the crypto market tends to be very volatile, and investing in coins like Evil Pepe carries a high level of risk.

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ)

The Chimpzee token presale, or $CHMPZ, is now underway and offers a rare opportunity for early-bird investors to participate in exciting and innovative projects. Chimpzee seems to be quite different from other shitcoins, not just being a crypto, but providing real benefits and contributing to the environment in various ways.

These tokens can be used within the Chimpzee service ecosystem, which includes the NFT marketplace, online store, and play-to-earn environment. By leveraging these tokens, users have the opportunity to generate passive income through purchasing and staking NFT passports. Even more impressive, Chimpzee uses AI technology to scan images of users and create NFTs that mimic their faces.

Additionally, in a play-to-earn environment, these NFT avatars can be used to protect the environment from poaching threats, giving players the opportunity to earn more $CHMPZ tokens and premium prizes through P2E gaming.

Through the Chimpzee online store, users can get multiple benefits. They can buy interesting merchandise and equipment while getting rewarded in the form of $CHMPZ tokens. More importantly, Chimpzee shows its commitment to social causes by donating a portion of the revenue collected to various charities.

To date, Chimpzee's presale has raised an estimated $991k. The token's current value is $0.000775, with a projected increase of up to $0.00185 per token at the time of listing on exchanges. This indicates solid growth prospects and attractive profit potential for investors. If you are interested in participating in this presale, follow further developments via the Chimpzee Telegram channel and read the whitepaper for more details on the project.

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